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    The Battle of Copenhagen of 1801 (Danish: Slaget på Reden) was a naval battle in which a British fleet fought and defeated a smaller force of the Dano-Norwegian Navy anchored near Copenhagen on 2 April 1801. The battle came about over British fears that the powerful Danish fleet would ally with France, and a breakdown in diplomatic communications in both sides.Location: Copenhagen harbour

Battle of Copenhagen (1807)

    casualties2=5,000 soldiers, militia and civilians Smith, D. p.254] The Second Battle of Copenhagen, (16 August - 5 September 1807) was a British preemptive attack on Copenhagen, targeting the civilian population in order to seize the Danish fleet.

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    Copenhagen faced two major battles against the British in 1801 & 1807, as Denmark played out a key role in the French Revolutionary & Napoleonic Wars. Gareth brings his book to life where history happened, from both British and Danish perspectives.

Battle of Copenhagen Summary Britannica

    Battle of Copenhagen, (April 2, 1801), British naval victory over Denmark in the Napoleonic Wars. There were several reasons for the animosity between the countries. The armed-neutrality treaty of 1794 between Denmark and Sweden , to which Russia and Prussia …

The Bombardment of Copenhagen History Today

    The British had shelled the Danish capital before, in 1801, but the second onslaught was even more devastating. The Danes had repaired their city and their fleet in the meantime, but late in July 1807 the new British Foreign Secretary, George Canning, received intelligence that the Franco-Russian alliance signed at Tilsit had included a secret agreement to force Denmark and Sweden into ...

Battle of Copenhagen Summary Britannica

    Battle of Copenhagen, (15 August–7 September 1807), an engagement in the Napoleonic Wars. Fearful that Napoleon’s defeat of Russia and Prussia might lead to French control of Baltic fleets, Britain acted ruthlessly to neutralize the substantial Danish navy allied with Napoleon. The Danish fleet surrendered to Britain after Copenhagen was ...

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    As a side note, the 1807 attack on Copenhagen is described in some detail in Robert C. Wing's biography of Peter Puget. Puget, then a Royal Navy captain, commanded the inshore squadron of small vessels that bombarded the city. Based on content, I would give the novel a PG-13 rating.Reviews: 159

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    The Second Battle of Copenhagen (or the Bombardment of Copenhagen) (16 August – 5 September 1807) was a British bombardment of the Danish capital, Copenhagen in order to capture or destroy the Dano-Norwegian fleet, during the Napoleonic Wars.The incident led to the outbreak of the Anglo-Russian War of 1807, which ended with the Treaty of Orebro in 1812.

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