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Nordic Exhibition of 1888 - Wikipedia

    The Nordic exhibition of Industry, Agriculture, and Art of 1888 (Den Nordiske Industri-, Landbrugs- og Kunstudstilling i Kjøbenhavn 1888) was an exhibition that aimed to feature the best of art, industry, and agriculture from the five Nordic countries.It was a joint-venture between 29 organisations and institutions, with the weight on the private side, represented foremost by the Association ...City: Copenhagen

Prince Axel of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Prince Axel was born on 12 August 1888 at Copenhagen. He was the second son of Prince Valdemar of Denmark and his wife, Princess Marie d'Orléans. His parents' marriage was said to be a political match. Prince Axel served in the navy and gained the rank of admiral. Axel is a Danish and Norwegian form of Absalom. Marriage and familyFather: Prince Valdemar of Denmark

Scandinavian Art, Industrial, and Agricultural Exhibition ...

    Copenhagen 1888 would be considered a Special Expo event on specific themes like that on the 2-3 or 7-8 years of a decade cycle. Ticket Cost - Various ticket prices per age, days, and time of day entered. Subscription card, season ticket, cost 20 kr for a man and 16 kr for a woman.

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A. H. Riise 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum Ratings

    A. H. Riise 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal rum - rated #1588 of 9388 rums: see 64 reviews, photos, other A. H. Riise rums, and similar Aged rums from Denmark7.4/10(64)

Inge Lehmann Danish seismologist Britannica

    May 09, 2020 · Inge Lehmann, (born May 13, 1888, Copenhagen, Denmark—died February 21, 1993, Copenhagen), Danish seismologist best known for her discovery of the inner core of Earth in 1936 by using seismic wave data. Two boundary regions, or discontinuities, are named for her: one Lehmann discontinuity occurs between Earth’s inner and outer core at a depth of roughly 5,100 km (about 3,200 …

A.H.Riise XO 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum

    A.H. Riise XO 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum is a very special rum; so special and of such high quality in fact that it once won a gold medal. This award was given at theprestigious ‘Nordiske Industri-Landbrugs & Kunstudstilling’ exhibitionback in 1888.

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