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Copenhagen Consensus III Copenhagen Consensus Center

    In May 2012, the third global Copenhagen Consensus was held, putting together the world’s smartest minds to analyze the costs and benefits of different approaches to tackling the world‘s biggest problems. The aim is to provide an answer to the question: If you had $75 billion for worthwhile causes, where should you start?

Copenhagen Consensus 2012 Press Release Copenhagen ...

    May 14, 2012 · Copenhagen Consensus 2012 Press Release. The Expert Panel recommendations were released on 14 May, 2012. The Expert Panel was presented with nearly 40 investment proposals designed by experts to reduce the challenges of Armed Conflict, Biodiversity Destruction, Chronic Disease, Climate Change, Education Shortages, Hunger and Malnutrition, Infectious Disease, Natural Disasters, Population Growth, and Water and Sanitation Shortages.

Copenhagen Consensus 2012 Climate Etc.

    The goal of Copenhagen Consensus 2012 was to set priorities among a series of proposals for confronting ten of the world’s most important challenges. These challenges were examined: Armed Conflict, Biodiversity, Chronic Disease, Climate Change, Education, Hunger and Malnutrition, Infectious Disease, Natural Disasters, Population Growth, Water and Sanitation

Copenhagen Consensus 2012 - Slate Magazine

    May 14, 2012 · Recently in Copenhagen Consensus 2012 Showing 1–20 of 21 You Have $75 Billion To Save the World. How Would You Spend It?

Copenhagen Consensus 2012: Challenge Paper on 'Population ...

    This paper is an updated version of the paper distributed during the Copenhagen Consensus Project 2012 Conference in Copenhagen in May 2012. In writing and revising this paper, I have greatly benefited from the useful and constructive comments by Jere Behrman, John Cleland, David Lam, Odet Galor and James Walker.

Copenhagen Consensus 2012: Challenge Paper on 'Population ...

    Copenhagen Consensus 2012: Challenge Paper on "Population Growth" Abstract While the majority of the population is now estimated to live in regions with below replacement fertility, high fertility, poor reproductive health outcomes and relatively rapid population growth remain an important concern in several low income countries.

Outcome Copenhagen Consensus Center

    THE EXPERT PANEL FINDINGS The third Copenhagen Consensus was a year-long project involving more than 65 researchers tasked with setting priorities among a series of proposals to confront ten great global challenges. A panel of economic experts, comprising some of the world’s most distinguished economists, was invited to consider these issues.

Copenhagen Consensus Center

    The Copenhagen Consensus Center is a think tank that researches and publishes the smartest solutions to the world's biggest problems. Our studies are conducted by more than 300 economists from internationally renowned institutions, including seven Nobel Laureates, to advise policymakers and philanthropists how to achieve the best results with their limited resources.

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