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    If you have only 24 hours to explore Copenhagen, then Høst will truly be one of the best options. Indulge In The Decadence Of Freetown Christiania . As night draws near, it’s time to visit the weirdest and most interesting quarter in Copenhagen, the Freetown Christiania. The area is an international commune, even though it is technically a ...

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    24 hours in Copenhagen. The Danish capital lured me in with its independent artist studios, amazing food and laid back atmosphere. I had no idea what to expect from this Scandinavian city, yet the adventures in Copenhagen proved to be some of the coolest I've had since I became a traveller.

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    I’ll take five, please. If you only have 24 hours in Copenhagen, start the day off with a solid breakfast. Hit up one of the numerous cafes in the Nørrebro district for a smørrebrød, a Danish open-faced sandwich on buttered, rye bread. Keep in mind you’ll be paying anywhere between $12-15 for a sandwich, Copenhagen is mad expensive.

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    Copenhagen 24 hour ticket in all zones 3 years ago As I understand, If buy in Copenhagen 24 hour ticket in all zones, I can go this way: Copenhagen - The Open Air Museum - Frederiksborg Slot (Hillerod) - Elsinore - Copenhagen. That trip include buses, S-tog trains, Localbane train (Hillerod - Elsinoreand) and RE train (Elsinore - Copenhagen).

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    Oct 06, 2016 · So pack your carry-ons lightly — we’re headed to Copenhagen for 24 hours! Arrival Many airlines, such as Norwegian, offer multiple flights per day with extended layovers in Copenhagen.

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