Copenhagen is one of those visually pleasing cities where you can plan two or three sights for the day, while the rest of the time walking slowly, looking at the stylish locals and the quaint mix of new and old architecture. The main thing is not to forget to dress warmer.


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The most important urban transport in Copenhagen is a bicycle. To explore the city and its surroundings, rent an iron horse at any of the hostels. If the weather doesn't make it to the roller coaster, take a ticket for public transport - a ticket for one trip in Zone 1-2 (which is almost the whole city) costs 24 kroons. If you expect to ride a lot, City Pass will suit you for 24 hours - for 80 kroons. Be sure to check out the tiny Copenhagen underground - it's one of the newest in Europe.

Copenhagen City Guide

If you're used to not spending a lot on housing, and the main budget to lay on entertainment and gastronomy, then with Copenhagen, this option will not roll: even a bed in the hostel will have to plan at least € 25, and the hostels themselves are good if you get a lot of five.